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Tomatoes, Bacon, Eggs & Parsley With Whole Wheat Crumpets

Tomatoes, Bacon, Eggs & Parsley With Whole Wheat Crumpets

This simple and delicious meal will be excellent to jump start your day or to help you refuel after a long morning run or an intense workout.

When I decided to begin training for my first half marathon last August, I did not realize how much this new for me activity would affect my appetite. I have always been active, but never ran more than 20 minutes continuously. I was surprised how hungry I felt… all the time. I found myself giving into cravings and consuming all the “wrong” foods – I was not hungry anymore, but just did not feel right. Dealing with an injury during the past 5 months has given me some time to re-evaluate my food choices and to recall some of the things I have learned in my nutrition classes.

A post-run/workout meal is very important – although it is not a free pass to hit up a donut or a cheesesteak shop. A sensible meal with a mix of carbs and protein is the best. Carbs replenish glycogen in our muscles (an important energy source) and protein helps us build and repair those muscles.

To make this particular breakfast more healthy, turkey bacon may be substituted in place of regular one, or omitted all together. I find it difficult to do, as I simply love the combination of smoky, crispy bacon with sweet and juicy tomatoes.

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals, and when we exercise intensely, we create a lot of free radicals. Tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C – an immune-boosting antioxidant. A single egg contains about six grams of protein, which helps promote muscle building. Parsley is rich in vitamin C and is exceptionally high in potassium – which helps decrease muscle cramping. Whole wheat crumpets will provide carbs to help restore our energy.

2-3 slices think uncured bacon (or turkey bacon) – cut into small pieces

1 ripe tomato (cut into chunks) or a handful of cherry tomatoes (cut in half)

1-2 medium eggs

a handful of parsley

salt and pepper

1-2 whole wheat crumpets or whole wheat bread, toasted

Place bacon on cool skillet, turn the heat to medium and cook until the bacon is crispy. Add the tomatoes, season with salt and pepper and cook for a minute or two, stirring occasionally. Add eggs, season with salt and pepper and cook to your desired degree of preparedness. Add parsley, cook one minute longer and transfer to plate. Serve with toasted crumpets.


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